ADHD comorbid disease: Non-verbal learning disorders

It & # 39; and so it is easy to associate with inattention or hyperactivity disorder comorbid with ADHD, especially when you consider how similar symptoms. Take nonverbal learning disorder (NLD), for example. It is fairly common disability easily go undiagnosed because the symptoms resemble the most obvious non-stop speech is often found in children with ADHD.

So what & # 39; s the difference between a child's non-verbal learning disorder and ADHD children? The first thing you need to know that the children of the National League is actually very verbal people – these are mature vocabulary to talk about "than adults," excellent reading skills, and demonstrate good habit memory skills. However, they clearly lack the verbal arena. As a preschool child may concern, as well as other children, adapting to new situations and confusing, but less fine motor problems. For example, a child might be unintelligible handwriting.


elementary school, the child is not well enough to academics, unless a fine NLD symptoms interfere with socialization or scientific fields. As your child enters middle school or high school, things start to deteriorate when faced with more responsibility. For teachers, the fighting gets rough and his classmates because he does not understand non-verbal signals such as facial expressions or body language. The child's difficulties by completing homework, reading a selected chapter or essay writing. Still, the children kept articulate speech and precocious language.

Children who NLD able to make up for the limitations of the disease. This only begins to deteriorate as soon as they reach puberty when they begin to suffer from anxiety and alienation. When they become adults, they are priorities or problems picking up on social cues, or go to mood disorders, making it difficult for them to maintain contact with their work.

NLD diagnosis involves a number of speech and language tests, neuropsychological tests and other assessment procedures. As the most visible symptom of NLD advanced language skills, doctors usually treat the Brown ADD scales of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale and the NLD to distinguish ADHD. Children usually NLD verbal IQ 20 points higher than the performance IQ.

Just like ADHD, NLD children will flourish when they receive holistic treatment. Some therapies that benefit NLD sufferers include:

  • Social skills groups that teach children how to meet strangers, greet friends, realize that time is being teased, etc.
  • Occupational therapy, an approach that improves fine motor skills and balance.
  • sensory integration therapy. Some NLD children tend to be hypersensitive to stimuli or difficult to process multi-sensory stimuli. This can make you feel excited when faced with distractions and other sensory stimuli. Sensory integration therapy can help them overcome these setbacks and reduce the anxiety caused by the strange encounter with sensory information.

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