lives in Bali, the Indonesian island. He suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His particular obsession glass. Specifically, a broken bottle.

If you break a glass, and then write down in a special notebook, the time, he broke the hour, day, month, year, was the type of glass. He double-check all this information with the utmost care and only when possible & # 39; s completely satisfied, he can not close the notebook and put it away.

Recording far the only passion of broken glass. You have to know the name of every person who goes through the house, and when he sees lying dead chickens along the way, you should contact them and examine them in minute detail. If you can not find the name of who has passed his house, his obsession is so strong that he wants to commit suicide.

The terrible tragedy is that his condition is completely ignored, as is that of people with other mental illnesses. He is working with the government, but can not get help from them for his crippling condition.

There are healers with whom you can go. One of them told him that he was the victim of black magic. The cure was to give him a gold amulet, soaked in white magic, and he had to undergo a purification ceremony. As expected, these treatments are left feeling no better.

The researchers studied the ways in which mental disease usually affects people in other countries. For example, OCD suffered by this man is quite different from the American one. It & # 39; s important to know the culture of the patient can & # 39; treatment.

If the native of the island of Tonga walks into the psychiatrist & # 39; s waiting room, you & # 39; s not good, the doctor to treat him the same as he would in a Western. Assuming that the patient comes from a land where demons seem to be dominant, and all-powerful. Western eyes, the poor man seems to be insane, but quite normal in his own country, where you & # 39; s real fighting demons.

As the & # 39; ve pointed out, OCD varies from country to country. In the West, cleanliness seems to be the main problem, while in the Middle East, the observance of religious rites is essential. Another Western fear is that the person with OCD will commit horrific sexual acts. In fact, they should be preserved against themselves.

It & # 39; and an estimated 3 million Americans suffer from OCD. They & # 39; Rituals & # 39; to the victims through the OCD-wide; repeated hand washing or hoarding useless objects, found primarily in the West.

The key is to try to rejoin the meaning of OCD and other mental illnesses to other countries in the West.

Source by Mike Bond

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