If you hold Lingerie For Your massage? Let & # 39; Discuss and General Manners & Etiquette Spa

Attire: What do you wear to a massage appointment at the spa and staff? Personally, I think one should wear what & # 39; s convenient. It also depends on before and after the massage of the plans. Some of that extra change of clothes and change. However, to the seats themselves are a completely different thing to wear. Shiatsu massages and Thailand require a comfortable yoga-like clothing. No jeans! The therapist should be provided, and even distorted in different positions throughout a yoga-like dresses, pants or tights on the best, although professionally trained scarf for you.

Regular massage on the table (in Swedish, Deep Tissue of Thai-Swedish and / or Shiatsu, Swedish, etc.), you need not dress underneath a sheet and / or blanket. It depends, however, is his own body and the therapist is working for you in the comfort level. They expect to be treated, while the nude but draped handled professionally and with dignity. Pants fine, but it is very troublesome if the complaints of lower back pain, in which case they can prevent therapists to complete the task the way to relief; not to mention that there is a risk of getting oil all over them, and thus potentially damaging them. The sacrum, gluteus, coccyx, periformis, etc., are all involved in the lower back / circulatory problems and manipulation that is sometimes necessary to relieve the back and / or leg pain. If you wear boxers or panties under her knees (not thongs) massage, you might not be able to effectively reach the target of complaints spots or the "solution" spots. We are professionally trained and scarf to protect your dignity, so naked, supine or similar covering over managed, and let us work them into tight muscles.

Once we have the massage room, please put your clothes in which the therapist invites you. We walk around the table to work and do not want to trip over your clothes on the floor or need to waste time moving them. Do not waste your time to fold. Hang them or lay them on the table, etc. provided. We are not worried about the wear, unless it becomes a hazard.

Talk: -The therapist to do a quick consult with you. Usually this is the beginning of the session we get behind closed doors (not suitable for the "earshot" of others). So I get to focus on, and do not talk during the massage. Feel free to ask any questions during this time, but that does not mean I will not answer any questions during the meeting. The bottom line is that if you talk to the whole, I'm not focused on the concern you come in and you can not really relax if your mind is full of "interference".

There is talk of the beginning or end of a session, bearing in mind that the time between you and the next customer is limited. Honestly, I know you did not come to talk to, so the only "conversation" You have to hear my client while they are on the table "less pressure please" … LOL … or the occasional free, "oh so feel so good ", etc. snoring and catching a large salivary comments with regard to the processed. LOL each other "conversation", the therapist can get in trouble for several reasons. Let me just focus on you and your health problems … and no, I'm not paying attention to weight, such as & # 39; s not why we're here. Everyone needs a loving, healing massages.

My Private In / Out session, it has been lumped together with deep tissue and Swedish massage with the same price because they are not "Jip" customers. He'll know I & # 39; m working there, and for you. If a "Chatty Cathy", you will not waste time getting calm and distract the therapist who wants to commit fully to relieve the tension, thus defeating the purpose for which they came (or come for you). If necessary, a psychologist, he would have gone there and talked all the time and get paid to listen to you. We are not psychologists … although we love and we want to know you're doing awesome trips! Another problem thoroughly during the speech, the massage is that the therapist often accepted, then the time out of respect and flies. Then he will feel the need to "rush" to finish the job. While fast-paced and not to disturb you may miss some spots, forget your arm or leg and perhaps leave you feeling full, on their own, and its purpose; In this case, you can protest and / or report it, and perhaps holds the tips. However, & # 39; and not all therapists & # 39; mistake because now all the "story," and all of a business swimming in their heads, and that & # 39; s why it was unfinished. Allow me to do what the contract and eventually pay us to do, which is to give you a massage! We & # 39; ll do a better job when you leave "Chatty Cathy" in the car. LOL

Love: -I often heard "I love you", or received hugs, etc. for the door when exiting the client. It's amazing. I & # 39; m a loving creature, and you will know when they will welcome you, or when you arrive for your meeting at the venue. This is even more obvious when you massage it. Keep in mind that this kind of love in the Christian or Universal Agape love, rather than "I want to sleep with you," Eros, love. I understand what it means when they say that I and my response in the hope that you understand it. Touch one of the most intimate way of expressing love and do not take massage if you feel / sense that the therapist will not leave you feeling loved and cherished the "God-fearing" way.

This means that it is unethical to mix business with pleasure, especially in the massage business. not want to sleep all of my clients ever again and I hope they can contain the excitement and do not ask me, as long as those of my clients. In connection with this, I had to reach customers in the hands, feet, legs, and / or spinning on the table while I & # 39; I work with them. In general, ignore the spin, but you have to move out of reach of the other cases. I leave this overlooked, but it does not register that you um … I do not tasteful, and will not be taking the love I have in a professional manner, and probably will not have you as a customer again when grabbing me "habit". Impulsive "error" is fine, but most businesses will be asked to leave and pay for the services began to receive when the therapist offended and discontinued work. In another blog post, while the massage is to get a dance in which the dancers can not touch. We are not "dancing" on your lap, but "what I mean." Feel free to express yourself. Groans, if that is what is coming, make faces when they & # 39; m not looking, cry, laugh; Any emotional release or phrase triggers, feel, just do not grab me or the sexual parts, which are obvious to me. Most of all, breathe through your experience. Do so afraid of receiving love to hold your breath the whole time, and there should be a "scandalous" that you start trying to "share" the therapist. It & # 39; s not the kind o & # 39; shows if the session with me, so I & # 39; and things dignified.

The therapist knows that they are vulnerable, naked except for a sheet separating it with a virtual stranger who touches. However, if you came in massage therapy, and that is what is needed to get this purpose, so you can relax. We are professionals here. Tell us if / when we do something that feels "uncomfortable" … including the revival, in the case of those who feel that the therapist deliberately touched by something you do not need. Often, the therapist & # 39; s hands slip off. After working with oil on your body. The accident is possible, if things are slippery. Also keep in mind your mood, personal issues that do not know the therapist, and in particular the parasympathetic brain and the involuntary responses.

know the room and fix the problem immediately, and if it & # 39; and the "crawl", even if neither of you recognizes that in times, the therapist made a mental note to be careful, and / or forgiveness. Sometimes you will know, being alert to how to maneuver, say, all the other not. LOL … Come on. If you accidentally touched a boob, you should be cautious as to whether this happens twice in both, that's all I & # 39; m say & # 39;. Do not wait until you leave the room to complain at the checkout or call a day or a week later and complain that request while driving "substitute service". Tell us your therapist first and give us the opportunity to fix it there and then, and it makes me happy. We can not fix it when she disappeared from the room. If you do not record the scene as you mentioned, you said cash register, call the manager when you leave and go to a blog about the treatment of the press. It is only fair that the business opportunity to the problem, but what an angry and go do this or blacklist us and did not come back.

I am very concerned that there is a reason and feeling relaxed, so need to breathe, keep your hands to yourself, moan, if you need to, that is, the natural / spontaneous response; but do not start rubbing of the individual components, or any other attempt to relieve himself as "a voluntary expression," which is quite harsh, unloving, and makes the therapist in a very awkward position.

Tipping RATE therapists & # 39; delivery and professionalism just as a waiter and staff services to the people. The gratuity percentage should be based on their performance, such ideas directly to individuals. Usually gratuities from 10% to 25% from the original price and services, how satisfied are you with the therapist & # 39; s work. Sometimes, customers are able to do more, and sometimes they can only do less. Tipping etiquette and rules do not mean that if it fails, I will not do the job. The steering gear may be the tips when you are on, and I will always be grateful for more business, especially when it referred. The therapist spent the last hour or more hard-working muscles, thereby contributing to overall health. We paid normally during such hard work, especially if they require deep tissue or in other challenging physical therapy. They do not pay to do the "hard" thing, so the gratuity will help offset the revenue and attitude, especially if you are carrying too need the company.

In my practice, I usually do not charge customers for credit card use; However, it costs me at least $ 5.00 to process them. The gratuity will help offset this, so if you do not tip, and did not tell you the premium processing your credit card, then I only had a $ 5.00 loss before taxes of service. What is the value placed on health, and it is enlarged, the way I treat you.

Couples Massage: -If a couple & # 39; massage at the spa, it means more cleanup therapists. Please get dressed immediately after, and remember that time is up and you have to be ready for the next hour from customers. Do your hugging and kissing, or anything else, and fix your hair, etc., in the bathroom … hopefully not together. Please adhere to the "complete" until you get home or other places. The bathrooms are usually shared between customers and employees, and we need to be to go before I have to get back to that 90-minute massage. I do not know how many times I waited and waited for the time of the next customer, while a few still in the room, having already rejected them. We usually only 5-15 minutes between you and the next customer, and we have a lot to do at the time, to be ready to give them the same work you have been given. Do not think that did not wonder what & # 39; You are doing there, while we are waiting outside the water / tea. It & # 39; nor the curiosity to irritation or anxiety because it does not have enough time to clean up, use the bathroom and go to the other customers waiting in the lobby. If you attempt to run even in the bathroom while "sprucing", you may be able to return before you finish, it lacks the importance of courtesy and farewell Water / tea monitoring proposals. So we wait, the dance hall with a smile. Please be courteous to other users, even in the bathroom.

Jewelry and Makeup: Please do not wear jewelry in the bathroom, especially the expensive ones! Leave them in the safe or home if you wear them, please remove them and put them safely in your wallet, so there is usually a small bowl where things should go, but I & # 39; s not my responsibility to look like a diamond! Also, because you have to work with the oil, etc., and manipulate the limbs, etc., we get cut, or to cut or break the necklace, etc., or & # 39; s just hard work to jeweled body part. Please, save us, and pain, and remember to remove them. Furthermore, we can not help these back after the service either. You have to maintain a very short nails than what the massage shop, so you do not have a grasp of the nail fastener and risk breaking our bodies and staff injuries that threaten our health and work. Remember, also, that you will need to lie face down on the massage, thus limiting the best without makeup. If you're not a face, only some cosmetic work and time does not wear make-up, which should be removed before doing what he's doing. This deprives both valuable time.

Nails: -Please cut the nails before a massage! The therapists run the risk of snagging, cutting or scraping themselves on the nail! free massage you or anyone else, while the open wounds; so the nail can become "weapons of mass destruction"; LOL … yes, the destruction of the rest of our days. Even if you & # 39; s just a hang nail or nail cam, you may find that you forget to clean it up before the next customer, you can scratch them with them, and that & # 39; It s not a good thing.

Hygiene: -Please take a shower before the massage and wash your feet, especially. Remember that you will be vulnerable, naked or nearly naked in a room with a virtual stranger. The comfortable with your own body, the easier it will be for you to relax in a shower only help things. Do not go to the beach and get sand all over you then decide to get a massage. You have to make special arrangements scrub and pay a different price. Oil and sand / dust does not feel good therapist or client, so even if you are not a "dirty" clean before the service. Sometimes before and / or after the service is "ceremonial" towel wrap your feet warm. It is what it is, a small movement of energy; and / or where I love to face the end / beginning of the session. This is not necessarily a wash your feet.

Finally, pay your card when you arrive, if you need to leave quickly at the end, or immediately upon completion of the meeting. It was not fair to me or the staff of any establishment, prosecuted or will invoice services. There are books to maintain and pay taxes. We deliver service at the time of application, so it is only fair that you pay before you leave. If you did not bring enough cash, please take the balance of a credit card, but do not "get it next time." We can not tell what this landlord or pay for short, when the rent is due. Please conscientious and do not take these "disrespectful liberties," the therapist to the bathroom, or private clients. Equally offensive is the reward IOU, etc. just "man up" and pay for all the hard work provided, without waiting for something free. Some have even left the bills ignored, vowed to come back next time to pay, but has not scheduled a meeting. This made for a very awkward position, the therapist and / or the business, and it's not good for you to customers who want optimal service at all times.

Recognize when the therapist does a little extra for you and go beyond what is normal for the health and / or the private massage. The best advice is sound via gratuity. How to manage, pay, and tilt relative to the exchange of energies therapists, and what makes the universe. You can also choose to have this awesome therapist again the next visit or not. It will not be a blessing to you, so bless you in return, and will continue to provide round-loving and respectful.

Source by JL Campbell

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