"Psychology" – Only maladaptive quality Intense Myers Briggs personality types?

Before we begin, let & # 39; and not an exaggerated analogy of our world. A warrior society, a nice person who is a Buddhist (good serotonin / dopamine production in the brain), you can be diagnosed fighter psychologists to suffer "syndrome cowardice" and perhaps treated liquid. Similarly, a sweet harmonious Buddhist society, aggressive fighter would be some kind of anti-social disorders diagnosed and treated all religious psychiatrists considered appropriate.

The Myers Briggs personality typology specifications, can detect all types of the most adaptive and maladaptive characteristics. Assuming that the type I & # 39; looking at the acute one (say, a ESTP each letter to 60 or higher), the so-called "positive" and "negative" can be pulled out quickly. Then it becomes very intuitive logic to think that each MBTI types are more likely to default mode of existence based on some kind of psychological "illness" than others. Anyway have to do is match the description of the descriptions of psychiatric disorders MBTI types if they are not the best, and deals (say, a stressful with low income and low educational INFP in a country where the ESTJs dominate the cultural and expect everyone to be, like them).

The reason why I did Psych "disruption" account will be in quotation marks to the target mentioned above, these maladaptive "Terms" It seems that (most of) the physiological characteristics of different types of homo sapiens, he was driven neurotic breakpoint social conditions. Negative psychology still dominate and only classifies circumstances when it will be the most severe. Usually that involves the lower end of a certain kind of human being in the socio-economic scale, who is forced to seek help, to continue operating. The conflicting nature of the negative psychology (as opposed to the emerging field of positive psychology) damage has been doing for more than a century.

In other words,

1) The dominant culture / economic system of a country is often closely related to some of the dominant Myers Briggs Type (extrovert Ts in general)

2) varieties that physiologically deviate from the herd & # 39; and the dominant species are forced to participate in the economic system (run by the rulers), which is not compatible with them

3) If the people who are incompatible systems are rich and connected, they have several coping mechanisms to deal with stressors and avoid / reduce activation of the MBTI type & # 39; and "negative" neurotic qualities

4), these species likely to seek help (and state certified codified science) were positive properties of the MBTI types oppressed and excessive negative social stressors that cause neurosis. They are likely to be poorer, less skilled end of the proletariat and thus more work sheets every day, as long as you do not know whats ailing them in words as well. Even if the proletariat is arrogant faction, which imagines himself as "middle class", it is still likely to be misinformed about the basic structural nature of neurosis and postpone the so-called experts within the company dominated the area with negative psychology.

5) This is exacerbated if the economic pie shrinks instead of expanding (that is, instead of an inverted industrialization Renewal constant material industrialized country)

Let & # 39; and start the journey towards matching our Myers-Briggs types are more likely to have a certain "disorder" rating from one extreme members. As a baseline, MBTI types of acute fits well (all 60 or more letters). Due to certain diseases you may need only one function abnormally (statistically) high as 100 F. Therefore, not all acute MBTI type would need to match the description of the disease, but inside they are already acute MBTI types of acute pool brethren. This is an incomplete and imperfect list will be updated as time goes by. It serves as a starting point for discussion.

Autism Spectrum

among likely ISTPs It features high detection rate of nearly 100 appears on the nerves, which is thicker eyeballs than most people. Temple Grandin, an autistic woman, explained wonderfully TED speech that he "thinks" in pictures rather than symbolically. He jokingly mentions that the introverted scientists / inventors / professionals in the audience are likely to reach the limit of autism in some cases, to assist them in detail and concrete work. The high introversion explains the very low level of interpersonal communication skills and prevent social situations that are draining the energy of autism.

Large T and emotionlessness explains the lack of close connection with the objects of the world during those rare cases where the autistic person because you choose to participate in the world (the blip of extroversion). A high P contributes to paralysis of action and super sensory overload. The brain is probably without overcloked video / audio input biological nice way to utilize the data. The end result is a person acting very much like someone dissociative drugs (able to close the perfect robot objective view obscures without any emotion in the world).

mood disorders – depression and bipolar (emotional roller coaster to happen in the first place, you need a super strong function F (90-100 range again) to feel the extreme high and extreme lows other features are defined. a specific mood disorders in the workplace)


likely between ISFJs and ESFJs. – the current ENTJ / ENTP dominated society is very unfriendly to the self-sacrificing SFJs. The rapid technological and cultural change, and atomization of society and the family of the free market and the dog eat dog interpersonal interactions are most likely to have the greatest negative impact on the SFJs. Their usefulness is not rewarded, but ridicule and duty SFJs less likely to relax and party like the FP counterparts. And make them strong focus on continually strengthening others were missing in the here and now, while the J agrees that inflexible and emotionally charged moral system that is constantly seen as the S violated. Strong J also records the person's depressed mood is grim happier with fewer interruptions in elevated mode (see below).


among likely ENFPs and ESFPs – Considering extrovert phase of manic bipolar person with the big letter E appears key contributoralongside a very high F high P contributes to the rapid switching of moods and uncontrollability (as opposed to long continuous speculation of a certain emotionally strong J). The FP extrovert towards the world is full of energy and inspiration, but get shot down cynical social environment. Acute tolerance of criticism and P to note that this criticism is justified from many angles it creates severe emotional collapse and retreat depressive phase. The constant lack of emotional connection to increase mental disorder and a form of governance. These are the people who like to party, and all over the place, but also serious environmental accidents encountering obstacles. Keep extroversion and not bottled unhealthy.


among likely ENFPs, ESFPs, ENTPs and ESTPs – Key seems to be constant switching attentive nails a P 60 and a strong extroversion, which the person goes towards the world and feel dull, when the desire is frustrated. Also, it appears that only one common childhood exploration phase of toddlers and children majority MBTI types.

Schizoid personality

among likely ISTJs, and possibly INTJs INTPs – Schizoids are marked by social isolation, emotional coldness and indifference of others. Very impaired social functioning, extreme loneliness, extroversion and grandiose ideas. The above characteristics indisputable same strong T and I like autism but not completely schizoids overload of sensory overload. This allows them to be creative at times. Political Ponerology makes an interesting case that Schizoids (due to them spending a lot of time alone watching the fast-moving world often vengeful fantasies) write literature and designs to inspire the subclinical and clinical psychopaths.


among likely ENTJs, ENTPs – These are human herd & # 39; s natural predators and feast on it when you get into it instead of performance improvement. Above the essential elements of up to 100 large clinical psychopaths T and T 60 is subclinical (the milder, who has a foot in both the human world and the world who are natural predators and politicians). This ensures there is no emotional empathy for other homo sapiens. not literally feel how the others feel, and that makes most people seem irrational and weak to them. The closest they have emotion (to confuse the concept) is sexual arousal and aggression. The strength of this makes them go up to the world and socialize intensively prey while the strong N intuition allows them to quickly learn how to mimic their prey (smile, what words the emotional sense to say, etc.).

There is debate in the literature that the psychopaths cluster J (left brain) or P (right brain) side, or whether they & # 39; It s just a continuum of psychopathy. Most likely it & # 39; s continuum of labor among different specialization predators. They share excluding ENTJ all share the same characteristics that insanely goal-driven, regardless of the human cost (the bully), while the ENTP disorganized, but I can emulate / get along with different people and creatively take advantage of this ability (Con Artist). Lack of emotional intelligence and the desire to exploit links makes them bad technocrats, blue-collar workers and high-tech professionals. The sub can be directed in the right direction, and productive members of the community. These additional "disorder" hypomania and önimádat characterizations.

skizotípusos Personality Disorder

among likely INTPs and INFPs – The most important element seems super high P, which is able to create the overflow alert data to create pseudo-hallucinations effect. N = 100 and P 100 can easily create conspiracy theories that are not there.

borderline personality disorder

among likely ESTPs – They are very unemotional man bored (high P and T) live on the edge, and thus good soldiers or criminals. You do not have the intuition that psychopaths and do not interact with many different people too often because usually they come out. A super high E key, and makes them continue to seek fun in the here and now (S), which is overwhelming for most.

This brings to a close the brainstorming secession. Once again, the article does not mean that each cluster corresponds to the Myers Briggs Type descriptions it is written for a given disease. This does not mean that among intensive MBTI types exist in them even more intense minority whose behavior (when stressed / driving enough of the society) meets the description of a certain disease more often than others. There are certainly overlaps that I was not to speak with each type were closed (for now) than evening, INFJ, ISFP and ENFJ. Then take a Myers Briggs test online (try picking a good detailed one) and see where you fall.

Source by Pavel Podolyak

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