Massage before and after surgery

When your doctor mentions you have to start preparing for surgery, then I guess you do not think about massaging as one of the most enjoyable things you can do for yourself . Well, you're not alone in that thinking, and that's regrettable because the healing benefits of massage are huge. Massage therapy is useful in infinite conditions, including insomnia, muscle pain, anxiety, circulatory problems and recuperation.

Or before and after surgery. Even self-massage techniques that target reflexology targets in hands and feet affect the head, neck, joints, and many other parts of the body and organs that are most likely to affect them. Massage is particularly effective as part of the preparation for surgery and preparation for surgery, especially during bone surgery or muscle reconstructive surgery.

Massage relieves most of the anxiety and tension before surgery. Massage helps the patient become less stressed and reduces the patient's expectations of pain. This reduction of stress promotes a general improvement in well-being, which improves the patient's faster and less complicated healing ability. After the operation, massage therapy is a great complement or substitute for other pain and healing treatments such as pain relief that can sometimes cause unpleasant side effects. There are many reasons why massage is beneficial after surgery. In one case, massage improves the blood circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body, allowing increased body oxygen and body oxygenation and decreased swelling and stiffness. In addition, the simple fact is that the human touch, which we all need and receives, lies in massaging therapy and a large number of calculations of physical and mental healing properties.

Below is the most valuable health benefit And massage effects affect surgery

– Helps reduce edema or fluid accumulation

– Reduces swelling

– Reduces or alleviates pain

– Increases elasticity of tissues

– Increases Mobility

– reduces stress and tension

– Increases body recognition

– facilitates relaxation

– Improve immune function and better cell function

Although the benefits of massage are enormous, there are some of the main reasons why massage therapy is not widely used, as recommended by the doctors.
– Reduces production of the hormone Cortisol (also known as stress hormone) One of the reasons is that many insurance plans do not cover massage therapy. The other is that massage is often regarded as impeccable, inappropriately researched treatment. However, people have undergone massive massage before and after massage, professionals of surgery and massage therapies as one of the most effective and pleasant healing methods available for modern medicine

Like the benefits listed above, it is worth considering the therapeutic Incorporating massage for preparation of surgical plans

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Anxiety and panic attacks – you must know that this will be anxiety.

If you have a simple and effective technique to deal with panic attacks right now, is it better? You will probably come as if it were not shocking to have meals that cause anxiety and panic attacks. When choosing panic disorder and anxiety treatment, nothing can replace a high caliber, General Concerns and Panic Disorders without Drugs

They simply say that if you do not know there are foods that cause panic attacks, May be a problem with the symptoms of general anxiety and panic disorder.

Immediate relief of the attack may be challenging and sometimes costly, but there are simple and effective techniques available to help you get rid of general anxiety disorders and difficult panic attacks expenditures. 3 general meals that cause anxiety and panic attacks. These are alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Alcohol consumption causes anxiety. Alcohol affects serotonin levels in the brain. Most people have noticed that every time they enjoy a weekend of drinking, they usually feel dizzy in feeling anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Sometimes they drink more to treat the symptoms and before they know it will be a vicious cycle that will result in more drinks and more attacks. It is wise to do it yourself – assess the effects of alcohol consumption on anxiety and panic attacks and learn the correct technique, To stop any further attacks permanently from his life. Caffeine among coffee, chocolate, cola, tea and energy drinks disrupts the brain and increases the anxiety, panic, insomnia, depression and stress. Even small amounts of caffeine can cause panic attacks in most foods and beverages in the decaffeinated version. Avoiding caffeine can reduce your anxiety, panic and depression in your life. Begin by gradually decreasing your caffeine intake over a certain period of time to avoid withdrawal syndrome

What about sugar? You might ask him exactly what sugar causes anxiety and panic attacks. Everything is in your blood. Sugar, which is contained in food or drink, may lead to dramatic accumulation of lactic acid in the blood. This leads to a sudden increase in blood levels and decrease in blood levels. This sudden change may cause a mood in the mood and cause serious agitation and anxiety. So, if you discover that you often experience suffering and panic, reduce your sugar intake.

Did you find it frustrated because you can not stop anxiety and panic attacks? I found that they are struggling with the same problem. To effectively understand how foods are causing anxiety, you need to do a personal assessment of how the body responds to certain foods.

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Massage History

Massage, in some form, followed the dawn of human civilization. Physical contact for comfort, healing, and physical or emotional pain, for each civilization and throughout history, each culture has developed its own different massage or manual therapeutic methods. Massage records with the earliest medical or therapeutic capacity come from ancient Indian and Chinese ancient civilizations. Massage is made up of ancient Hindu medical writings from India, Ayurveda which describes the methods that are still used today. Huangdi Neijing or Huangdi Neijing is the basis of traditional Chinese medicine dating back to the 1st or 2nd century BC, proposing a massage between the treatments. Obviously, the Egyptian tombs depicting ancient Massage have also been discovered. The father of the classical Greek physician, the father of "Western medicine", was a great supporter of massage, just like the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, who used daily massages to treat chronic headaches.

Massage exercises from the 16th century in France were widespread since royal court physician Ambroise Pare was used. In the 1700s, a very old and classical Chinese text about the massage that was called Toa-Tse Cong-Fu in French translation and editing. The most important basic concepts used in massage pedagogy today are French origin (19459002) massage, petrissage, effleurage, etc.

"Swedish Massage"

The most popular and popular form of massage therapy in the West is often referred to as a Swedish masseuse or classic massage. The techniques used for classical or Swedish massage are similar or similar to the techniques developed by the Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling in the 1800s that incorporated the massage in the treatment of physiotherapy, which would also serve as a basis for physical therapy. Ling has borrowed techniques from the Chinese massage that he learned from his friend, Ming, a practitioner of martial arts and traditional Chinese manipulative therapist . Founded in 1813 by the Kungliga Gymnastiska Centralinstitutet or by the Royal Central Gymnastics Institute in Stockholm, which is the center of higher education for the training of physiotherapists. As for the strict classical massage, it is in itself a separate discipline, the French expression is developed and applied by the Dutch massage practitioner Johan Georg Mezger (1838-1909). Mezger compiled the classical stroke systems used today. So nowadays a "Swedish Massage" is known in the Netherlands, although its terminology was applied and popularized by Swedish director Per Henrik Ling.

Today, massage therapy is more popular than ever. Massage varieties available all over the world are available with extensive therapies, benefits and experiences. Oriental traditional handheld therapies such as Indian Ayurveda Massage (including the famous Indian head massage), Japanese Shaitsu, Chinese Tui Nua and popular Thai or Thai yoga massage are becoming more common throughout. While modern Western styles continue to evolve and diversify, Including a wide range of relaxation and wellness treatments as well as therapeutic body treatments. Sports Massage, Bowen Technique, Rolfing and Manual Lymphatic Drainage are just a few examples of the latter. It appears that in advanced technology and medicine humanity continues to explore conventional traditional methods requiring manual therapy, as these techniques are further developed, expanded and specially adapted to meet the constant need for human cure for healing and care

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Sleep disturbances in astrology

Sleep disorders and sleep disorders are common modern complaints including insomnia, sleeplessness, insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring and restless leg syndrome. Sleep disorders and problems are serious enough to disrupt normal physical, mental, social and emotional functioning. One of the main causes of sleep disorders is excessive fatigue, fear, anxiety, heavy and rich foods, coffee, tea, and others, night-time stimulants in too hot or noisy areas.

Stable sleep disorders require careful attention and medical examination. – Astrological Factors for Sleep Disorders / Problems – Home Depot / Sir – Natural Illumination Intelligence and brain nerves – – depression, occlusion and illness

Astrological c Inhibition of sleep disorders

1. Mercury regulates brain nerves, the moon controls the mind, heart, and stomach. Jupiter regulates the liver and the lungs. Sleep disturbances caused by body parts are brain nerves, lungs and liver. Therefore, these three planets are responsible for ensuring sleep sleep

. The house of the 12th house at positions 3, 6 and 8 indicates a confused sleep

3. The house of the 3rd / 6th / 12th house in House 12 indicates an inappropriate sleep

4. If the rising / 3rd house or the moon reigns in the 12th house, sleep is characterized by vague dreams

. The presence of natural as the Saturn / Mars / Sun / Rahu / Ketu in the 12th house indicates a disturbing sleep

6. Among the sixth and eighth homemakers, twelfth house depicts insomnia or dreams sleep.

7. Prince 12 suffers from sun burns and then in native insomnia

. House 12 associated with Venus / Lord indicates long sleeping hours

9. The third / fourth house of the 3rd or Fourth House of the 3rd or Fourth House, present in Houses 3 and 4 , Triggering sexual dreams in the spirit of natives

. 12 is in a magnifying / private home, sleeping naturally is too much sleep

11. The lord of the twelfth house is raised up or upward and placed in the gendarmerie of House 12, then native lazy tendencies and sleep for too long .

12. The 12th House / Lord associated with Venus causes excessive sleepiness, especially if Venus is the ascendant / 4th housewife's volume beyond the number of more insensitivity than the number.

13. Rahu, the twelfth house, is responsible for interrupted sleep.

14. If the Ketu belongs to House 12, then the native becomes obscure and sleepy

. If House 12 is weak and is in House 6/8, it will reduce the duration of sleep.

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Massage Contraindications – Why can not some people get massage?

Massage therapy is a wonderful and beneficial form of holistic healthcare. Massage improves stress relief, reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation and continues the list. But massage may be harmful to your health if you have some physical condition, illness or illness. Of course, the therapist may also endanger certain diseases or illnesses when in a contagious state of health.

The term "massage contraindication" means that it is not or or massage can be restricted to certain areas of the body. If massage is contraindicated, then your health and safety as well as massage therapists. Not all contraindications mean you will never be massaging. There are two types of contraindications: the local contraindications and the absolute contraindications. Local contraindications are conditions that cause pathological disease / illness or acute injury. These conditions mean that caution is needed and the massage needs to be adjusted to the condition. This ensures the safety of both the client and the therapist. For the client, the massage should be adjusted so that it does not spread the condition or damage the client. The therapist must be sure that the therapist does not stop the disease. If you have a local contraindication, the therapist may ask for medical permission before agreeing to it,. While some local contraindications are required only for you and the therapist to discuss the condition and adapt the massage accordingly. In both cases, the therapist will make a final decision whether or not to receive the massage. This is to protect your health and safety and massage therapy.

Massage can be applied in several ways to local contraindications. This means that an area should be avoided as the lower leg of a recently suppressed ankle. It may require pressure to be adjusted under the massage. The situation where the customer lies on the massage table can be set, for example, to apply a lying position on a page for pregnant women. This also means that massage adjustment is allowed. Some of the more common local contraindications include, but are not limited to, abnormal nodules, Ance Vulgaris, athletes' feet, blisters, bruises, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Colitis, Crohn's disease, Cystitis (Baker and tallow), Decubitus Ulcers , Gouty Arthritis, Graves, Hernia, Hyper and Hypothyroidism, Infectious Diseases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Local Inflammation, Open Wounds, Phlebitis, (19459003) Medical Care Required: Acromegaly, Aneurysm, Aromas, Aromas Atherosclerosis, burns, cancer, cerebrovascular accident, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, haemophiliac, Hodgkin's disease, kidney stones, leukemia, myasthenia Gravis, nephrosis, peritonitis, polycystic kidney disease and uremia

] Absolute contraindications

Absolute contraindications are states where is not Do not take part in a massage. Massage for people who are absolutely contraindicated can have a serious health risk for the client and / or the therapist. Some absolute contraindications can cause death to death. Not all absolute contraindications are constant; Which means you may get a massage after you delete it. These diseases are typically diseases such as viral infections. Some conditions are lasting, and unfortunately, if you do, you will not get into the massage. In both cases, as long as the state is in acute condition, massage therapy is refused.

The following is a list of common (19459006) but temporary absolute contra-indications for massage: Blood Sugar, Contact Dermatitis (if wide), Diarrhea (if Infected), Fever, German measles, ), Hepatitis, urticaria, hypertension (excluding medication, meals or exercise) Influenza, lice, Lupus (during flaring), measles, mononucleosis (monaural), mumps, pneumonia, arthritis, recent injuries or surgeries, scabies and tonsillitis . This list is not definitive, but the more common conditions that are absolute contraindications. These are temporary states, as they run once in their career, they can get massage.

The following conditions are a permanent condition that prevents access to the massage. These are severe conditions, and if you get a massage, you can cause additional health problems or even death. Massage therapy should be informed of these conditions. This is one of the reasons you need to fill out a health history form when you enter a professional massage therapist's office.

Some general absolute definitive contraindications (this is not a definitive list): blood clots, cirrhosis of the liver, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), embolism, hypertension (excluding medication, meals or exercise), bowel obstruction, renal failure, lymphangitis , Myocarditis, pericarditis, pulmonary embolism, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and tuberculosis

Although massage offers a number of benefits, certain conditions are justified with caution. If you are in a condition that is not listed here or it is unclear if you can have a massage, talk to your massage therapist and your GP. Both of you will be happy to discuss it with you. Do not forget if a massage is disabled due to a condition that is due to the massage therapist's interest in your best health.

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Post-Panic Attack – Treatment of Post-Effects

Panic attack effects can be another frustrating aspect of attacks. Immediately after the attack you have to be calm. Not only that, but it will take a long time before we return to our normal state. When handled reasonably, part of the time can be cut off. After fear and panic reach its climax and begin to disappear, it means entering the second part. Fortunately, this is not as bad as the attack itself. However, this is said to be a very stressful time. What are the ways we can handle these post-panic attack effects?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the fact that we gradually regain control. Once this is accomplished, there are some things we can do to facilitate the process.

During the session we can do two things. The first is our breathing. It takes a gradual, controlled and deep breath. This is done for about one minute and continued until normal breathing speed can be achieved. After that, we still want to sit still. This requires focus and concentration, but try not to move at all. See that all the fibers of your body are perfectly calm

This will effectively reduce the time you need to return to normal return after panic attack. If there is enough control, consider water as well. If you have not eaten for a while, consider a wall or a meal. At this point, we managed to handle another panic attack successfully. Managing this can gradually ease the practice.

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Massage Tables – What to Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Massage Table

There are currently hundreds of portable massage tables on the market. Because of the inflow of cheap Chinese imports and other boards, it meant too much task to decide the appropriate table. Here are the most important things you should consider before you can make a purchase decision.

1. Width of the table:

Many people think that they need to buy the widest board, but a number of factors need to be taken into account when deciding on the breadth of the table. Easy access, customer comfort, and therapist comfort and portability are all things to consider when making purchasing decisions.

Generally speaking, the narrower massage tables are the most accessible to customers and greater portability. Wider tables offer more work space and greater comfort to their customers. However, if your table is too wide, it can be difficult to reach customers efficiently. It can be tiring and difficult for a while after your body.

Most of the general wellness massages range from 29 "to 30", depending on their size and size. Most tables are in standard width; Although Oakworks, Earthlite and Stronglite offer a wide range of tables. These boards are custom made, have many options and are usually a bit more expensive. Finally, as the width of the massage table grows, the weight increases. If you want to travel and still need a wide table, consider purchasing a massage table car to help you carry it

. Table Height: 19459004

Most tables have a standard height range of 24 "to 34" and most professionals have a large amount of massage, face, physiotherapy, acupuncture and other therapeutic services. Generally speaking, the height range must be based on the height of the practitioner.

According to the rule of thumb, the board should not be higher than the hip joint. You probably want a bit lower height than this to provide space for the body height on the desktop. If you are exceptionally tall or short, you might want to consider a spreadsheet that contains different available altitude ranges. Again, Oakworks, Earthlite and Stronglite are available in various available altitude ranges. These boards are made to order, have many options, and are usually more expensive.

3. Thickness of Compound:

Always pay attention to foam density, taking into account foam thickness. These two factors work hand in the determination of comfort and durability. Since most massage tables come from multilayer foams, the only option to consider is thickness.

Massage table padding thickness generally ranges from 2 1/4 inches to 3 inches. This is usually enough to provide a comfortable experience for most customers. Although it may be tempting to increase the thickness, it gives weight to the desktop and can not contribute to portability. Finally, some of the methods, such as Sports Therapy, are more suitable for tighter padded tables.

You will find that higher end, custom tables can choose from optional tops, including corporate, semi solid, plush, Comfort.

4. Easy Reciprocating Panels (Reiki Endplates):

Easy access panels are simply different support devices that connect the two legs at the narrow ends of the massage table. Generally, the plates tend to move straight at the ends of their two legs.

Instead of moving straight, light access panels are shaped like upside down and provide arched support. This allows the practitioner to place his foot between the legs of the table and get closer to the client of the table. This is much more important for Reiki practitioners who need both client and client access. It is also possible for any therapist to slide the head and / or foot on the roller stool.

Some massage tables are standard with and without Reiki end plates, while some are optional. Brand:

You can buy an anonymous massage table from Costco for $ 199, but consider this option at the right tables for free or for a nominal fee Before trying to save this $ 50. Companies such as Earthlite, Oakworks and Stronglite are always behind their products. Most of these tables provide a longer life guarantee on the frame and a 2-3 year warranty on upholstery and padding.

It's important to try cheap imports, not to be branded. The saying, "What you get what you pay", definitely refers to massage tables. Do not jeopardize you or your customers' safety on an unnamed brand on cheap desktops. Just not worth it!

6. Metal or Wood Frame:

Both wood and metal frame provide a strong desktop base. Most wooden tables are at least 450 lbs. The most popular tables are wooden frames, as they usually have a better aesthetic appeal and are generally cheaper than metal framed tables. However, metal frames are often smaller than wooden boxes. If you plan to travel to many desktops, you should see a metal frame.

7. Stationary or Portable:

If you travel frequently with your massage table, you definitely need a portable table. Make sure you have a package that contains a carry case and other accessories. You may also consider buying a table wagon so you do not have to support the weight on your shoulder.

If you have a living room, pool spa, massage studio or salon, then both portable and stationary massage tables. Some of the most comfortable and highest quality tables are a permanent model. They are widely varied in price, but generally due to the number of features and options, such as electronic height adjustment, manual or electric tilting, saloon tops, manicure shades and more. "


Although weight is important by taking the portable massage table, this is no more important than the other factors discussed above. Most of the weight consists of table size, The wooden tables are usually heavier, but they often look better and are more stable than metal tables, remember the wider the table, and the thicker the cushioning, the more weight they give to the table, again consider the caravan, To make it easier to travel without sacrificing size and comfort

Most manufacturers offer aluminum framed tables, but most of them have a wooden frame. Wood is the most commonly used material for the above-mentioned reasons and the fact That it is more and more cost-effective. In general, hardwood such as Maple or Oak is generally stable and durable. 459003]

If the weight is very important for you, check out the aluminum table, but be ready to pay as aluminum Typically more expensive than wood.

Before buying your massage table, consider how important these properties are for you. It's probably a good first impression for your customers to feel comfortable. The first experience before the actual massage when it was on the table. Make sure you do not twist and swing or you will not knock!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of "Asian Foot Massage" Companies

Almost every week, it appears that a new Asian foot massage business is opening in the city. I am amazed that these people can connect to each other to create and run a full-time business. There is no shortage or bad economy for them. Each time I see an ad when opening such an opening, I wonder why this relationship was missing or why no other culture was involved in building one another. I wondered if these cultures did not have competition, malaise, fear and cheating; That is, the energies that held many other ethnic groups, including mine. It seems to be appreciated that a person may have a dream for an enterprise, but more needs to be collected by a person. I appreciate this … and the Asians are very happy to accept this basic feature. That's why I was curious about this "foot massage business" and because I could not always afford to massage myself, it seemed an economical opportunity. After all, the Asian community is at the forefront of reflexology and oriental therapies, so there are many benefits to participating in them; Even if it's just a "learning experience". Here, you have to be pampered that many of these companies have a history or appear to be related to the porn industry. The busts of the police contain all sorts of styles, including within the state / country. Some people are not "shy" about promoting their services and their ads can be found in local cheap and / or free magazines and newsletters. I actually know people, men and women (but especially men) who have patronized and received their "happy tugs". This pampering is a professional or a con, depending on who you are and what you are looking for in the massage. As a therapist, you have to decide whether to coordinate their profession for money and / or evaluate their skills and respect the profession.

I notice the coupons one of these coupon magazines that come with the junk, advertising 60 minutes foot massage for $ 19.99. I thought wow … that's cheap … I wonder what they're doing in 60 minutes … The ad indicated that foot-reflexology supplemented the shoulders / back body, head and hand massage Full body massage 35, $ 00 with various vegetable oils. So I called and told them I wanted to check them, but I did not meet. Shortly thereafter I drove and walked through the glass doors. It was so dark that I only saw my own reflection. I opened the door and looked around, but maybe it was too bright in my eyes to quickly fit into the darkness. After a few moments a man came up to ask if he could help me. He looked around, did not say and left. All the pictures of "cheerful" men who went to the Spa City neighborhood, where I worked in Studio City, flooded my mind and felt dirty because I was gone … but I will finally win this feeling to formulate my own opinion . What were the advantages and disadvantages of defending this place?

My experiences have shown the following "pros" and "disadvantaged" combinations (not in all priority order):

1. It's weird to come in or get out of these facilities, especially when you're a therapist.

2. Hardly many people speak English. That means the therapist will not talk to you all the time.

3. You do not usually want anyone to know you're there, so you can turn off your phone.

4. That's cheap! $ 15 – $ 20! $ 35 for full body massage! … but you get what you pay for.

5. These places are usually comfortable … in the neighborhood you work from, for example, so you do not have to park in front of the car. Just leave the job or the hairdressers looking out onto the street

6. Staff are usually very attractive as in nail salons.

7. Pretty dark inside, so you do not recognize the others and do not recognize it.

8. You can give a false name and you can wear a disguise

. Do not take off your clothes unless you step into the "back room" of the "full body" massage

10. The general mood embodies the staff culture.

11. Certificates and authorizations have emerged prominently in the "foreground".

12. Usually they are served immediately and are completed in time.

13. Tipping is compulsory! The therapist waits for you to pay or collect things.

14. General reflexology occurs in a large room where other patrons do the same as you do.

15. Most of the "Certified" certifications are a copy of a certificate and are not always CA certified (and I do not know if they are real).

16. From a therapist point of view, That you have no training for more than 250 hours and anything like Shiatsu / reflexology.

17. The staff consists of men and women.

18. Get ready for a staff member who just came into the cigarette break.

19. There is no choice for the manager unless you make reservations and name someone.

20. Most of these seats are white and / or black.

21. I think that "legging" is just a bowl of warm salty water, nothing else.

22. Everyone seems very tired and slightly disappointed with their work.

23. If you are athletic women (muscular), expect to be very rough or rough (change the warning speech and talk in their language with "contemptuous gestures") and do not object … they will not understand And it just goes on. (My Asian colleagues often asked why I think they should be so "muscular and non-feminine" … Culturally they think women should be "slim, soft" to attract and retain men. "In muscle tone Qi is too strong, so female servants may seem to give up, "and the massagers started massaging, they acted like a monster and did not treat me like a lady. That's because she does not seem to be That I'm as soft as it should be for women.)

24. I saw men turn off their shirts, but ladies should not try it.

25. Ladies do not go to the sports bra, or just a tank on top, hoping to get more back and business, simply towel and resume their robot Like a routine. "26. Do not ask yourself not to touch your face because they do not understand you (unless you indicate a customer service who would translate it if you understand it).

27. Ladies have a comfortable yoga- But I tried and did not … no … !!

28. A part of the routine, that is, To "stretch" your legs, which is a Shiatsu-like section from the therapist's point of view, la yoga's "spinal cord." The jeans are too fit and inflexible to the prostrate and the shorts will be like ropes that strangle the groin, If you are getting a "very zealous" male killer … It seems that mine is looking for a certain reaction or has shown its power … I felt glad that she was glad … a muscular, non-feminine woman … (but I knew, That you will not understand my language If I complained so I did not …)

29. There seems to be no break between customers, so the staff is really tired

. These companies are usually open 10 to 10:30, but there are others who are later open.

Based on my own observations and experiences I have decided that I will no longer patronize these facilities. My first excuse is that we are not talking the same language. When I say "hurt"; "Please do not touch my head or my face"; Or "I do not want to stretch this way", these instructions / requests come with a smile and nervous bolus and only resume their routines or until someone turns over, which is too late and / or causes large scenes to the present.

In my opinion, they are not legitimate massage therapists and they give credit to those who think "anyone" is capable of massage or reflexology. They are in line with other chain operators and franchisees, which are simply "in the money-making business" not in "human-health, but in finance".

Legitimate bodybuilders like me are really concerned about their patronage and the health and well-being of people in general. We do not "judge you", which, in my experience, I think these places have condemned me. When a person enters a massage at any facility, one should not be asked to be fat, lean, muscular, black, short, tall, ugly, pretty or not. Yes, in specific business cases, clients ask their health status and what I'm working on. Some people make suggestions about the direction in which to address the health problem. Sometimes I know and sometimes I do not. Others are sorry to try to lose weight or weight or low energy, or after workout to cause pain, etc. And yes, there are some nutrition and wellness experiences, as well as body weight management / personal training, and there is no problem with making suggestions. Know the job. However, this is usually not the reason.

Although I make suggestions of how to eat with me in the days following my participation in the massage, it simply serves to nourish the organs at its meetings and to extend the therapeutic results. The ultimate goal is to improve your health, which will be achieved with your consistency in treatment and follow-up of suggestions. Yesterday, my client said that my opinion / treatments were done with your doctor. This is a nice compliment and I believe it. He saw the results and experienced his "power" as he calls it, and he feels excited about attracting an open man who can heal.

Mostly we get massages because we think we're good for them And our health. They feel good and feel good. Economics is clearly a cause for concern, but we understand why we pay. Legislative venture companies and charterers of chains generally make an economic decision, not necessarily a health decision. I want to be sure that my therapists had a training at an American accredited school and received and attested the state or county in which I am being served. I would also like to know that the facility respects the labor rules and is in no way related to the porn industry. Finally, I would like to know that there are no prejudices; That everyone speaks in speech; That my money is the same value as any other patron saint and that my spirit and body will be respected in delivering the service and improving my health and vitality.

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Where are you on the Repressor Versus Sensitiser Scale?

Quite a lot of research took place in the sixties on anxiety disorders and one theory was that anxiety sufferers reacted with two main defensive styles: Repressive versus Sensitiser (this was known As the RS Scale). This article explores those styles.


Repressives avoid acknowledging that something is happening in order to protect against the emotional effects of a threatening situation. They practice selective inattention (denial). In some cases, a person may use a lot of positive self-talk and 'hope' in difficult circumstances in order to deny what is really going on in their lives.

At an Unconscious Level they are reacting and building up Emotional tension but on a Conscious level they are not aware of this going on. They are not wishing to listen to the emotional messages coming up from their Unconscious and may have a very good reason for behaving this way – for example if they pay attention it may mean the end of an important relationship


Sensitisers do the opposite to Repressives – they adopt a more paranoid approach and react to everything as quickly as possible with the intention of minimizing the affected issue before it can really take

In both cases, the people concerned are trying to avoid the development of their own negative feelings in terms of a looming situation. ] Most of us can identify with having adopted versions of these two behaviors at different times to 'keep the peace' or prevent a situation from getting out of hand but the researchers tell us that some folks adopt one of These two approaches are their default way of dealing with life.

As a short-term strategy, either method is fine (in my view) but what if the external issue keeps recurring?

Both approaches are based on the belief that the ultimate threat would be something we could not cope with.

Sample Scenario: John Loves Emily and the Children But Emily does not love John

Eighteen months in their marriage and Emily gives birth to their first child. Up to the point she was pregnant Emily was an apparently loving, caring partner who thought the world of John. Once she became pregnant, however, Emily became cold and uncommunicative.

During her pregnancy, John recalled that this was simply a side effect of being pregnant – he had tried to offer his support through this tough time but Emily dismissed His relationship with Emily still feels cold and John is wondering if this is it and he asks Emily what has gone wrong.

Baby is now nine months old – the relationship with Emily still feels cool and John is wondering if 'this is it' He is getting very emotional.

Emily tells John she wants another baby. This will make her feel differently towards him. John replies he did not realize there was a problem and Emily states it just goes to show how unobservant and self-centered he is.

John tells Emily he would like to concentrate on the quality of life for their current child Rather than simply being a child-producing system and Emily tells him she wants six children and if she can not bring her to make her happy by doing this she will be of no use to her and can leave so she can find a man who will; She storms off.

John reason that Emily must care about him really because women do not have babies with men they do not love, do they? He also thinks about how he will fail to cope with leaving his current child, with the shame of having another man raising his child and how easily Emily could meet another man and disappear from his life, taking his child with her forever. He immediately has an image of his committing suicide because of all this loss. He decides to agree to have another baby with Emily.

Again, until the pregnancy, Emily is the perfect partner.

When her first child, a daughter, reaches three John begins to worry about her behavior – she has a habit of running headlong into things and injuring herself . Emily dismisses all of his concerns telling him he does not know the first thing about children and he should keep his nose out.

John feels completely disrespected by her responses. When he makes it clear he does not like the way he is treated Emily explodes in rage at him and tells him he can leave if he does not like the way things are

This happens several times and on one Occasion John also gets really angry and feels himself losing control. As Emily comes to him in spitting fury mode she says something really hurtful and he slaps her.

Immediately John falls into shocked remorse. His reaction shocks him so much he will never do that again. He begs Emily to forgive him and promises he will never do it again.

Now he starts trying to eliminate the possibility of another confrontation like that happening by constantly monitoring and eliminating potential areas where his daughter could hurt himself.

Emily criticizes him for this, telling him to let her daughter, and John accepts her criticisms – he's really too jumpy.

Meanwhile, Emily wants a third baby. John starts to really notice the cycle – she likes him until pregnancy and then goes cold again. He agrees to another baby for a penny, right?

One day John reads a newspaper story about a child being injured in a certain way and he imagines his own child being hurt that way and then finds he can not Stop thinking about it. He would never forgive himself if that happened to his daughter. He criticizes himself for being over-reactive but keeps it to himself so Emily does not, likewise, criticize him.

The images of his daughter being hurt keep flashing in his mind.

His own self-criticism he can live with but her doing it has more power. John has just developed an obsession.

The fourth child arrives and now John sees the like-John-dislike-John cycle in Emily so clearly he can not be able to get the pictures of hurtful things happening to her out of his head. No longer hide from it.

A year later, when Emily does her baby routine again, John decides to test the theory and refuses to have baby number five. Emily does not dump him immediately but she does go cold on him. The coldness goes on and on and John notices Emily getting happier and happier – with other people who she goes out with more and more.

First child is now fifteen years old and John asks Emily straight what the 'big plan 'Is. John tells Emily he believes she sees him as nothing but a sperm donor and if he walked out tomorrow she would not bat an eyelid.

Emily comes clean and without any sense of guilt tells him he is absolutely right. When John asks how she sees the next steps in regards to the family she tells him now that the cat is out of the bag she wants him to see other women and wants him to stay in the house just for the sake of the children – she has

What John Always Knew

At some level John knew he was pretending real-life events, and the way he was being treated, were not real.

This is a repression at work.

In a bid to remove the potential threat of A future confrontation with Emily that could also lead to the ending of the relationship with both Emily and his children, and next he tries to take preventative measures by following his daughter around – here he is also acting as a sensitiser.

This Gets so bad it triggers an obsession.

What John Knows Now

John has an obsession to get rid of the possible loss of a family . What he now realizes was that he was always powerless to change the path of the relationship. It was always going to end up this way.

But he also knows he can survive the worst case scenario – in fact the worst case scenario is not as bad as the long, drawn out experience he has had.

Quite often in emotional illness we make the mistake of preferring a permanent, lower level painful experience to a short-term, intensely painful version that would eventually pass.

We remain stuck in situations, repressing And becoming increasingly sensitive to them, until we face up to the genuine fact that we can cope with pretty much anything when we need it and we know it all along

Have you had experience of repressing and sensitizing in this way ?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaining Body Massage

If you buy something expensive, there are things you should consider before you buy it. A massage chair is one of the many things you should consider carefully. There are certain factors that can determine whether it is necessary or if it really is worth the money.

Before getting a body massage, be sure to consider the benefits and disadvantages. Here are some things that can be compared in order to know if it is worth such a chair:

Let's first look at the benefits of the benefits of your own body massage:

1. Massage anytime – If you have a home massage chair, you can certainly enjoy relaxing massage at any time. This means you can get home after a busy business day, hit a few buttons and comfortably spoil your own special chair. In the massage salon you do not have to take longer to relieve your painful muscles (19459002). It may have a therapeutic effect on your body as a therapist. – Most of these chairs are now programmed to perform certain types of massages. They often model massage techniques such as shiatsu, Swedish massage and others. These may result in effects that are similar to the massager's massage therapy.

Massage in spas can help relieve your muscles and provide some health benefits such as blood circulation, pain relief and muscle tension. These effects can help you achieve optimal body performance so you can reach the best at any time. "

3. It's More Cost Effective in the Long Term – If you like to have a massage often, you should consider a massage bed and save more money in the long term." Suppose you often get a massage from the massage parlor, 20 times after a massage session, paying a $ 100 per session, which can cost $ 2,000 a month in a month.If you are buying a massager, you only have to pay for $ 3,000, plus you do not have to pay any extra costs because you already own it

Now that you've seen the benefits, look at the disadvantages to get it:

1. Can not get to the whole body of the body These chairs follow special programming for However, you may not be able to access areas that are not part of your featured features

2. There are plenty of space – If you get this chair, you need to have enough space for it. It requires little space when placed in the living room or other areas of the house. Massage chairs nowadays provide enough room to lie comfortably while you are on a massage.

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