Advantages and Disadvantages of "Asian Foot Massage" Companies

Almost every week, it appears that a new Asian foot massage business is opening in the city. I am amazed that these people can connect to each other to create and run a full-time business. There is no shortage or bad economy for them. Each time I see an ad when opening such an opening, I wonder why this relationship was missing or why no other culture was involved in building one another. I wondered if these cultures did not have competition, malaise, fear and cheating; That is, the energies that held many other ethnic groups, including mine. It seems to be appreciated that a person may have a dream for an enterprise, but more needs to be collected by a person. I appreciate this … and the Asians are very happy to accept this basic feature. That's why I was curious about this "foot massage business" and because I could not always afford to massage myself, it seemed an economical opportunity. After all, the Asian community is at the forefront of reflexology and oriental therapies, so there are many benefits to participating in them; Even if it's just a "learning experience". Here, you have to be pampered that many of these companies have a history or appear to be related to the porn industry. The busts of the police contain all sorts of styles, including within the state / country. Some people are not "shy" about promoting their services and their ads can be found in local cheap and / or free magazines and newsletters. I actually know people, men and women (but especially men) who have patronized and received their "happy tugs". This pampering is a professional or a con, depending on who you are and what you are looking for in the massage. As a therapist, you have to decide whether to coordinate their profession for money and / or evaluate their skills and respect the profession.

I notice the coupons one of these coupon magazines that come with the junk, advertising 60 minutes foot massage for $ 19.99. I thought wow … that's cheap … I wonder what they're doing in 60 minutes … The ad indicated that foot-reflexology supplemented the shoulders / back body, head and hand massage Full body massage 35, $ 00 with various vegetable oils. So I called and told them I wanted to check them, but I did not meet. Shortly thereafter I drove and walked through the glass doors. It was so dark that I only saw my own reflection. I opened the door and looked around, but maybe it was too bright in my eyes to quickly fit into the darkness. After a few moments a man came up to ask if he could help me. He looked around, did not say and left. All the pictures of "cheerful" men who went to the Spa City neighborhood, where I worked in Studio City, flooded my mind and felt dirty because I was gone … but I will finally win this feeling to formulate my own opinion . What were the advantages and disadvantages of defending this place?

My experiences have shown the following "pros" and "disadvantaged" combinations (not in all priority order):

1. It's weird to come in or get out of these facilities, especially when you're a therapist.

2. Hardly many people speak English. That means the therapist will not talk to you all the time.

3. You do not usually want anyone to know you're there, so you can turn off your phone.

4. That's cheap! $ 15 – $ 20! $ 35 for full body massage! … but you get what you pay for.

5. These places are usually comfortable … in the neighborhood you work from, for example, so you do not have to park in front of the car. Just leave the job or the hairdressers looking out onto the street

6. Staff are usually very attractive as in nail salons.

7. Pretty dark inside, so you do not recognize the others and do not recognize it.

8. You can give a false name and you can wear a disguise

. Do not take off your clothes unless you step into the "back room" of the "full body" massage

10. The general mood embodies the staff culture.

11. Certificates and authorizations have emerged prominently in the "foreground".

12. Usually they are served immediately and are completed in time.

13. Tipping is compulsory! The therapist waits for you to pay or collect things.

14. General reflexology occurs in a large room where other patrons do the same as you do.

15. Most of the "Certified" certifications are a copy of a certificate and are not always CA certified (and I do not know if they are real).

16. From a therapist point of view, That you have no training for more than 250 hours and anything like Shiatsu / reflexology.

17. The staff consists of men and women.

18. Get ready for a staff member who just came into the cigarette break.

19. There is no choice for the manager unless you make reservations and name someone.

20. Most of these seats are white and / or black.

21. I think that "legging" is just a bowl of warm salty water, nothing else.

22. Everyone seems very tired and slightly disappointed with their work.

23. If you are athletic women (muscular), expect to be very rough or rough (change the warning speech and talk in their language with "contemptuous gestures") and do not object … they will not understand And it just goes on. (My Asian colleagues often asked why I think they should be so "muscular and non-feminine" … Culturally they think women should be "slim, soft" to attract and retain men. "In muscle tone Qi is too strong, so female servants may seem to give up, "and the massagers started massaging, they acted like a monster and did not treat me like a lady. That's because she does not seem to be That I'm as soft as it should be for women.)

24. I saw men turn off their shirts, but ladies should not try it.

25. Ladies do not go to the sports bra, or just a tank on top, hoping to get more back and business, simply towel and resume their robot Like a routine. "26. Do not ask yourself not to touch your face because they do not understand you (unless you indicate a customer service who would translate it if you understand it).

27. Ladies have a comfortable yoga- But I tried and did not … no … !!

28. A part of the routine, that is, To "stretch" your legs, which is a Shiatsu-like section from the therapist's point of view, la yoga's "spinal cord." The jeans are too fit and inflexible to the prostrate and the shorts will be like ropes that strangle the groin, If you are getting a "very zealous" male killer … It seems that mine is looking for a certain reaction or has shown its power … I felt glad that she was glad … a muscular, non-feminine woman … (but I knew, That you will not understand my language If I complained so I did not …)

29. There seems to be no break between customers, so the staff is really tired

. These companies are usually open 10 to 10:30, but there are others who are later open.

Based on my own observations and experiences I have decided that I will no longer patronize these facilities. My first excuse is that we are not talking the same language. When I say "hurt"; "Please do not touch my head or my face"; Or "I do not want to stretch this way", these instructions / requests come with a smile and nervous bolus and only resume their routines or until someone turns over, which is too late and / or causes large scenes to the present.

In my opinion, they are not legitimate massage therapists and they give credit to those who think "anyone" is capable of massage or reflexology. They are in line with other chain operators and franchisees, which are simply "in the money-making business" not in "human-health, but in finance".

Legitimate bodybuilders like me are really concerned about their patronage and the health and well-being of people in general. We do not "judge you", which, in my experience, I think these places have condemned me. When a person enters a massage at any facility, one should not be asked to be fat, lean, muscular, black, short, tall, ugly, pretty or not. Yes, in specific business cases, clients ask their health status and what I'm working on. Some people make suggestions about the direction in which to address the health problem. Sometimes I know and sometimes I do not. Others are sorry to try to lose weight or weight or low energy, or after workout to cause pain, etc. And yes, there are some nutrition and wellness experiences, as well as body weight management / personal training, and there is no problem with making suggestions. Know the job. However, this is usually not the reason.

Although I make suggestions of how to eat with me in the days following my participation in the massage, it simply serves to nourish the organs at its meetings and to extend the therapeutic results. The ultimate goal is to improve your health, which will be achieved with your consistency in treatment and follow-up of suggestions. Yesterday, my client said that my opinion / treatments were done with your doctor. This is a nice compliment and I believe it. He saw the results and experienced his "power" as he calls it, and he feels excited about attracting an open man who can heal.

Mostly we get massages because we think we're good for them And our health. They feel good and feel good. Economics is clearly a cause for concern, but we understand why we pay. Legislative venture companies and charterers of chains generally make an economic decision, not necessarily a health decision. I want to be sure that my therapists had a training at an American accredited school and received and attested the state or county in which I am being served. I would also like to know that the facility respects the labor rules and is in no way related to the porn industry. Finally, I would like to know that there are no prejudices; That everyone speaks in speech; That my money is the same value as any other patron saint and that my spirit and body will be respected in delivering the service and improving my health and vitality.

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