Massage Tables – What to Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Massage Table

There are currently hundreds of portable massage tables on the market. Because of the inflow of cheap Chinese imports and other boards, it meant too much task to decide the appropriate table. Here are the most important things you should consider before you can make a purchase decision.

1. Width of the table:

Many people think that they need to buy the widest board, but a number of factors need to be taken into account when deciding on the breadth of the table. Easy access, customer comfort, and therapist comfort and portability are all things to consider when making purchasing decisions.

Generally speaking, the narrower massage tables are the most accessible to customers and greater portability. Wider tables offer more work space and greater comfort to their customers. However, if your table is too wide, it can be difficult to reach customers efficiently. It can be tiring and difficult for a while after your body.

Most of the general wellness massages range from 29 "to 30", depending on their size and size. Most tables are in standard width; Although Oakworks, Earthlite and Stronglite offer a wide range of tables. These boards are custom made, have many options and are usually a bit more expensive. Finally, as the width of the massage table grows, the weight increases. If you want to travel and still need a wide table, consider purchasing a massage table car to help you carry it

. Table Height: 19459004

Most tables have a standard height range of 24 "to 34" and most professionals have a large amount of massage, face, physiotherapy, acupuncture and other therapeutic services. Generally speaking, the height range must be based on the height of the practitioner.

According to the rule of thumb, the board should not be higher than the hip joint. You probably want a bit lower height than this to provide space for the body height on the desktop. If you are exceptionally tall or short, you might want to consider a spreadsheet that contains different available altitude ranges. Again, Oakworks, Earthlite and Stronglite are available in various available altitude ranges. These boards are made to order, have many options, and are usually more expensive.

3. Thickness of Compound:

Always pay attention to foam density, taking into account foam thickness. These two factors work hand in the determination of comfort and durability. Since most massage tables come from multilayer foams, the only option to consider is thickness.

Massage table padding thickness generally ranges from 2 1/4 inches to 3 inches. This is usually enough to provide a comfortable experience for most customers. Although it may be tempting to increase the thickness, it gives weight to the desktop and can not contribute to portability. Finally, some of the methods, such as Sports Therapy, are more suitable for tighter padded tables.

You will find that higher end, custom tables can choose from optional tops, including corporate, semi solid, plush, Comfort.

4. Easy Reciprocating Panels (Reiki Endplates):

Easy access panels are simply different support devices that connect the two legs at the narrow ends of the massage table. Generally, the plates tend to move straight at the ends of their two legs.

Instead of moving straight, light access panels are shaped like upside down and provide arched support. This allows the practitioner to place his foot between the legs of the table and get closer to the client of the table. This is much more important for Reiki practitioners who need both client and client access. It is also possible for any therapist to slide the head and / or foot on the roller stool.

Some massage tables are standard with and without Reiki end plates, while some are optional. Brand:

You can buy an anonymous massage table from Costco for $ 199, but consider this option at the right tables for free or for a nominal fee Before trying to save this $ 50. Companies such as Earthlite, Oakworks and Stronglite are always behind their products. Most of these tables provide a longer life guarantee on the frame and a 2-3 year warranty on upholstery and padding.

It's important to try cheap imports, not to be branded. The saying, "What you get what you pay", definitely refers to massage tables. Do not jeopardize you or your customers' safety on an unnamed brand on cheap desktops. Just not worth it!

6. Metal or Wood Frame:

Both wood and metal frame provide a strong desktop base. Most wooden tables are at least 450 lbs. The most popular tables are wooden frames, as they usually have a better aesthetic appeal and are generally cheaper than metal framed tables. However, metal frames are often smaller than wooden boxes. If you plan to travel to many desktops, you should see a metal frame.

7. Stationary or Portable:

If you travel frequently with your massage table, you definitely need a portable table. Make sure you have a package that contains a carry case and other accessories. You may also consider buying a table wagon so you do not have to support the weight on your shoulder.

If you have a living room, pool spa, massage studio or salon, then both portable and stationary massage tables. Some of the most comfortable and highest quality tables are a permanent model. They are widely varied in price, but generally due to the number of features and options, such as electronic height adjustment, manual or electric tilting, saloon tops, manicure shades and more. "


Although weight is important by taking the portable massage table, this is no more important than the other factors discussed above. Most of the weight consists of table size, The wooden tables are usually heavier, but they often look better and are more stable than metal tables, remember the wider the table, and the thicker the cushioning, the more weight they give to the table, again consider the caravan, To make it easier to travel without sacrificing size and comfort

Most manufacturers offer aluminum framed tables, but most of them have a wooden frame. Wood is the most commonly used material for the above-mentioned reasons and the fact That it is more and more cost-effective. In general, hardwood such as Maple or Oak is generally stable and durable. 459003]

If the weight is very important for you, check out the aluminum table, but be ready to pay as aluminum Typically more expensive than wood.

Before buying your massage table, consider how important these properties are for you. It's probably a good first impression for your customers to feel comfortable. The first experience before the actual massage when it was on the table. Make sure you do not twist and swing or you will not knock!

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