Post-Panic Attack – Treatment of Post-Effects

Panic attack effects can be another frustrating aspect of attacks. Immediately after the attack you have to be calm. Not only that, but it will take a long time before we return to our normal state. When handled reasonably, part of the time can be cut off. After fear and panic reach its climax and begin to disappear, it means entering the second part. Fortunately, this is not as bad as the attack itself. However, this is said to be a very stressful time. What are the ways we can handle these post-panic attack effects?

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the fact that we gradually regain control. Once this is accomplished, there are some things we can do to facilitate the process.

During the session we can do two things. The first is our breathing. It takes a gradual, controlled and deep breath. This is done for about one minute and continued until normal breathing speed can be achieved. After that, we still want to sit still. This requires focus and concentration, but try not to move at all. See that all the fibers of your body are perfectly calm

This will effectively reduce the time you need to return to normal return after panic attack. If there is enough control, consider water as well. If you have not eaten for a while, consider a wall or a meal. At this point, we managed to handle another panic attack successfully. Managing this can gradually ease the practice.

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