How to care with Hot Stone Massage Stones

Proper cleaning and hygiene are important when using Hot Stone massage stones during massage therapy.

Important, Among Customers. All you have to do is get warm soapy water and thorough rinse. If there are stones that are flush or have a porous surface texture, use a small brushbot brush to make sure all the oil is removed from the stones.

The easier it will be to remove the oil and any bacteria that can be taken from the client's body.

Nothing is worse than a massage therapist than to show you to create a hot stone massage and find the stones are still dirty from their last use. I was working in a spa that used a chlorofluorocarbon in the heater's water because of the way bacteria were eliminated, so they only need to clean the stones after the end of the day, instead of clearing the stones after each session


I do not recommend this practice at all. It is much better to take the time between cleaning stones (it does not take long!), Or heating a second stone and ready for use when customers are back.

When the stones are not in use, it is useful to recharge in nature. I found that the stones would be a bit slow after they were used for a few months so I would leave them out in the garden overnight to re-energize them. Another great idea is to plant them in a stream and let the streams of nature clean up.

Doctors recommend that you add massage stones with crystals such as Amethyst when not in use. Place a crystal on top of the massage stone and let it take care of the others.

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