Skin care products from testosterone to hair regeneration treatment, the anti-aging industry continues to record, as consumers look for unbelievable modernity over youth resources. In terms of estimated net revenues, PQQ provides assistance in treating depression

In 2013, $ 122.3 billion, the huge global industry offers thousands of new products and services per year. Despite being financially successful, many of these anti-aging batches are skeptical of consumers because of their proven effectiveness. But stricter rules and more exhaustive tests have provided millions of hopes that a handful of products can deliver high promises.

Throughout human history, Countless theories explained why it breaks our bodies both internally and externally as we age. One of the most scientifically convincing theories comes from cell biologists who claim that the number and functionality of mitochondria helps to determine a person's life. In order to understand why their theory is held in water, we will briefly examine the basics of cellular energy. As described in the term "cellular power plants", mitochondria generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is used as source by the chemical sources. Mitochondria are also involved in other important tasks such as cell growth and cell cycle control, including cell death. Over time, changes in cells result in deterioration and destruction of mitochondria – aging and disease opening. How is this done? These three processes primarily cause:

· Increased production of free radicals against mitochondria

· Reduction in production of antioxidants against mitochondria

· Oxidative damage to mitochondria For decay and possible cell death

Although these processes are likely to result from normal aging or simple wear, they have devastating effects within and within the body. But according to the mitochondrial theory of aging, it may be slower to stop the aging process if we can somehow protect the mitochondria from free radicals and / or create new mitochondria. A popular anti-aging product that claims you can do exactly that it's now available worldwide.

What is PQQ?

Redox cofactor The body's powerful antioxidant, pyrroloquinolin-quinone (PQQ) plays a key role in cell energy metabolism, development and function. Clinical trials have not only shown that PQQ helps protect mitochondria from oxidative stress, but also for mitochondrial biogenesis, leading to new mitochondria in aging cells. These results are significant because of the potential benefits of human health and longevity. Currently, PQQ is the only over-the-counter drug that stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis; Although the procedure is supported by aerobic exercise and strict caloric limitations. What are the benefits?


Several studies have shown that PQQ is able to reverse the cognitive impairment caused by chronic oxidative stress. Both animals and humans supported better recognition and memory when the redox cofactor was given as a dietary supplement. How It Works? Researchers say PQQ stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis in aging cells in the brain. It has also been shown to protect neurons from oxidation damage that can be caused by organic damage. In a study, Parkinson's disease responded positively to PQQ supplementation

Testing also showed that PQQ could reduce the likelihood and damage of stroke damage. According to an animal model, the use of the supplement after stroke significantly reduced the extent and extent of brain damage. In another experimental animal model, PQQ reduced the risk of severe stroke and cerebral hypoxia.

PQQ also affects neurotransmission in the brain. The supplement particularly protects neurons by regulating the NMDA receptor, thereby reducing excitotoxicity – a condition that is associated with a number of neurological degenerative problems, illnesses and seizures

Men and women as the leading killer of heart disease is responsible for every fourth death. Those who survive a heart disease suffer almost always permanent injuries. PQQ supplementation reduced the size of injured areas caused by myocardial infarction (heart attack) in many animal models. In addition, researchers have found that this benefit can be administered before or after a cardiac event. In other words, those who suffer from a heart attack can reduce the risk of permanent damage by shortening the supplement shortly afterwards.

The latest study in San Francisco, California, compared the effects PQQ is beta blocker metoprolol in patients who have recently had heart attacks. Both treatments have proven to be effective in reducing the size of damaged areas and preserving the heart from permanent operational disturbances. With PQQ supplementation, researchers have observed increased mitochondrial energy production functions that could help protect the heart muscle during heart disease. At the end of the day, researchers concluded that PQQ is better than metoprolol for protecting mitochondria from oxidative damage caused by a heart attack.

The benefits of supplementing PQQ were quite simple. As it protects cells from the loss of aging, it is particularly useful for the two hardest functioning organs – the brain and the heart. But how can the dietary supplements reduce the risk of mental illness, such as depression? Is depression not simply the emotions blue or down in landfills? If so, how could a vitamin-like nutrient restore balance and subtract us from whims? Although PQQ does not treat brain imbalances in the brain that are often associated with mood disorders such as low serotonin or dopamine levels, it may alleviate the most common symptoms of depression.

As mentioned earlier, mitochondria are responsible for the production of chemical energy of cells and bodies. When they are no longer able to perform this function, the level of energy begins to decrease and people complain of fatigue. In most cases, this reduction is accepted as a natural part of the aging process. Regrettably, symptoms of this process can also cause disturbances that may increase the risk of depression. What do we know?

What is common about fatigue, decreased energy, anxiety, persistent pain and pain, and concentration difficulties? All the symptoms of aging and depression! No wonder elderly people (65 years of age or older) are more than twice as likely to be depressed as the general population! How can PQQ help?

For the average person, energy and mood are inseparably linked to each other. As a rule, we are more likely to be in good spirits if we have the energy to work with, play, and live in our lives. On the other hand, when our energy level falls and tiredness limits our potential, we are much more likely to be unhappy, desperate or depressed. Since PQQ has been shown to enhance and improve energy at the cellular level, it is the reason that it can help treat some of the most common symptoms of depression. But do not accept the word … Know the scientists! Latest Findings

The most comprehensive study on PQQ's Tired Effects The Ueno Clinic, which was held in Tokyo, 2009, has been conducted. In the 8 week study, 17 sleep apnea office employees received 20 mg PQQ daily. Since the majority of PQQ's previous studies involved cognitive and cardiac problems, researchers were surprised by what they observed. At the end of the study, it was concluded that the PQQ supplement improves sleep quality and duration. The subjects also reported that the mood improved, which was a direct consequence of the feeling of exhaustion. Perhaps the most important thing is that there are no health problems or serious side effects with the PQQ supplement. Although the results of a single clinical trial are far from convincing, vitamin-like nutrients have been shown to improve fatigue recovery, energy, sleep quality and certain cognitive functions; All of which are linked to depression. Only time will tell you that PQQ will be a safe and reliable alternative to prescription antidepressants.

A powerful and industrious coenzyme, PQQ plays an important role in power generation Cellular Level. It not only helps to protect mitochondria from free radicals but also creates new mitochondria in aging cells. The revitalizing effect of PQQ on mitochondria may slow down the aging process in some users. Numerous studies have shown that the popular dietary supplements reduce the risk of cognitive decline, dementia and memory loss as a consequence of chronic oxidative stress. PQQ also promotes heart health by protecting the vital organ with permanent damage. Last but not least, coenzyme can help alleviate symptoms of depression by increasing energy and fighting fatigue

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